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I offer massage/bodywork and shamanic craniosacral work
I also practice homeopathy. 

At the start of a session, I will ask you what is troubling you- what areas need attention, and if you know how/why there is either stress or injury.
By the end of  the session, you'll be melted into relaxation.

This is not 'fu-fu massage' I'm a pretty strong guy, and am focussed on doing a therapeutic massage --it'll feel great, and is deeply relaxing.
I get deep into those hard spots where the muscles are holding a lot of tension, where a fu-fu massage can't reach.

My clients include other massage professionals and one physical therapist; people who are fairly discriminating when it comes to bodywork !

Most sessions will be concluded with CranioSacral: Extremely relaxing, subtle & deep work, potentially life-changing, very gentle.

I also give free sessions for referrals, on a 1 for 2 basis - every two new clients you refer to me, will get you a free 60 minute session.


 I studied massage & related bodywork skills including CranioSacral work during a two year period of intensive training under Tibetan monk David Little at his Maui Healer's Guild (now sadly disbanded, as David has returned to his home near Dharmsala)

Having learned the CranioSacral work has given me extreme sensitivity and ability to move the client's Chi -generally relaxing and transporting you to a point of semi-consciousness - clients often report of peaceful inner / otherworldly experiences they've had during their session.

How much does it cost ?
Special offer: $35 for the first one and a half hours session with a new client.
regular rates
$18 for  a half hour
$30 for 1 hour
$40 for 90 minutes
and $50 for two hours.
some discount or barter available for those in need,
I also work with cash poor elders without fee,
as time is available

Why massage, and why me?

My training was about becoming a healer, not merely a body mechanic.
I bring total focus and the energy of disciplined Chi movement to your session

I am able to help with many issues including back pain, neck pain, headache, stiff joints --anything to do with the body and musculoskeletal system.
Bodywork is also known for helping to release emotional charges, and I'm trained & experienced in this aspect of the work.

My massage style is mainly deep-tissue.. I typically use deep pressure and long slow moves in a massage session designed to not only leave you thoroughly relaxed, but to also address with technique from trigger-point, traeger, lomi-lomi, & myofascial release (among others) things such as 'knots' -where fascia becomes bunched up into a painful lump in shoulder or neck typically (other areas sometimes.)
Sometimes we may discuss emotional issues or work-related stress, and talk about ways to alleviate them.
Most sessions will be concluded with CranioSacral: Extremely relaxing, subtle & deep work, potentially life-changing, very gentle




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