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 My name is David. I'm living in Berkeley., prior to that in S.F., Santa Cruz, & have also lived in Seattle, Asheville, & Maui &  before that I lived for many years in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley  areas.

 Some stuff about me:

 Non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs
(not even aspirin : -ok, so I'm a chocoholic, also like ice cream, coffee, and coffee ice cream

What am I doing now?

I do  homeopathy  &  craniosacral  work... and I also have  been a computer  professional for years, and am happy to be a computer doctor while building my people-oriented alternative health practice in the San Francisco Bay area.

Current interests include co-creating ecologically conscious community.
Possibly in the Puerto Escondido area of Mexico, or maybe elsewhere.
Would certainly include a healing arts venue which may take form as a sort of 'spa' and will likely cater to Bay Area (and beyond) tourists with (or without) specific health challenges.. I hope to include living accommodations for guests who may stay for a week or two, doing supervised cleanse / fasting.
I'd love to offer a number of healing modalities in addition to those which I am proficient in (homeopathy, craniosacral work, massage) -including but not limited to acupuncture / TCM, Ayurvedha, quasi-esthetic 'spa' treatment, dietary consultation, herbalism and more .. Naturopathic doctor, maybe ?
If this sounds like something you'd like to help create, do get in touch !

 Physically.... 6' & 175 lbs .. kind of on the slim side of  medium, fit & strong.. hair is slightly longish curly dark blonde,  & have blue  eyes.

These are fairly recent pictures, and I have others available including sailing pix
http://www.holistiq.com//boat- david.jpg

and a bunch of hiking/ backpacking / pix,  some of which are from a 2 week trip I took with a friend  in Mexico's Copper Canyon 2yrs ago.

-----ok, the "good stuff"   <smile>

Passionate? yes! ... mebbe sensitive and communicative  also? ( I try :)

Spiritual, not conventionally religious

 Myers-Briggs: ENTJ

Astrologically Aquarius, Virgo rising, Moon in Cancer,  Mars in Scorpio.. highly aspected chart, grand square,  grand trine… (old soul).

Divorced and wanting to have a relationship that  encompasses all of the better parts of my past ones,  and less of the poorer ones.

I  enjoy the connectedness that it is possible to achieve  thru conscious spiritual, emotional and physical  love. (this is putting it mildly <big smile> what I really mean is  that this part of life is the closest thing to unadulterated  JOY that I have experienced! )

In answer to the question:
"What makes people notice me?"
I'd have to say my  erudition and precise command of  the English language <grin>

Visually, I guess deep blue eyes.

What am I looking for in a partner?

Self acceptance, studied self awareness, & healthy love  of self and Spirit.

Preferably somewhere near genius-level intelligence and  great sense of humor

"Cute" or "attractive", healthy, smart, sexy, on the slim to medium side 
(similar to my body type --please don't feel insulted. You may be interested in some football-player-looking guy. I'm not him.)

Someone who desires to co-create a wonderful life with a guy like me <grin>

My last longterm relationship:

 The "perfect couple" who couldn't quite get around to co-creating the wonderful relationship that was "on the  table"

 She felt that she didn't receive unconditional love from  me, though I loved her very much, quite   unconditionally...

 This seems to have been based partially in "the usual" communication difficulties between the sexes and largely in our unresolved "stuff" .... we were together for 4 years, and married 3.. went to several couples counselors, read a few relationship self help  books, did a lot of loving, a bit of fighting (too much)   :(    and a lot of growing.

 This last one (there've been a few :) was the richest relationship of my life.

 My capacity to love and connect intimately have blossomed...

 And the break-up seems to have catalyzed a wonderful growth in both of us :)

(I have GREAT references-  really !  :)


 I'm always attending the school of life.

 Traditional academic stuff... ( yawn )

 I am  VERY INTERESTED in social awareness, and “changin’ times” –

 Alternative health, computer-biz related stuff, eco-tourism, alternative energy, green-building, sustainable agriculture, (actually “sustainable” and “alternative”  ANYTHING …are probably of interest  to me)


 DO NOT like spectator sports generally.

 I won't watch any on the toob, (don't even own one) but might go to one with you  if you  really wanted to .(I'm flexible, and aim to please <grin> )

 I have played racquetball in the past, and recently tried tennis.

 I enjoy relatively calm-water kayaking on the rivers around here, also in the ocean.


 I grew up in Los Angeles, and lived in the San  Francisco bay area for most of my adult life.

  Spent almost a year in New Orleans in my hard drinkin' early 20's

 One year in San Diego also.

 Have also  visited New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Houston Vancouver BC, and others- have a secret wish to visit Dharamsala in the Himalayas, and maybe other parts of India – Maybe Thailand and a bit more of Southeast Asia while in the area. Also maybe Wales & Scotland (ancestral homelands )  and  who knows where else?  Hong Kong, & China, Taiwan, Singapore – all of these places and others in the Pacific Rim are possible business/pleasure travel destinations.


 Really a prime goal is a fantastic relationship!

 I see this as one of the most important and valuable things in life.

 Other than that, I've had little trouble doing what I set out to do.

 I am becoming an "alternative" healer, something  I've toyed with for years, and been really serious about for about 6yrs; I have a persistent daydream about a  multi-disciplinary healing center, possibly with some liive-in facilities for supervised detox, maybe hospice, or.. ?
This dream is coming toward fruition now, as I'm becoming involved in building eco-friendly housing in Mexico, where I'm sure an appropriate venue may be developed.

 I am looking for someone who wants an intense level of connection in a hopefully life-long relationship.

 Did I say I was a real fun guy?   =:->)

 My email address is  david@holistiq.com  click hyperlink to write me there, or call 510.776.5914 if you prefer !

 warm regards,

  david hartley