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CranioSacral work
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Intestinal Cleanse support

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Phone:(423) 330 2129
Skype ID - dh.ecuador offers Homeopathic consultations in the general area of Asheville, NC / Eastern TN. Phone (423) 330 2129
Referrals to capable "Hahnemannian" "Classical" Homeopaths available in other areas. 
Safe & effective Self-help may be had thru aromatic medicinals
(aka essential oil, aromatherapy) I've researched Floracopeia as the premier source for quality organic, eco-sustainable, and socially progressive oils, attars, resins, etc.

Floracopeia Essential Oils

Here are some LOHAS & healing arts groups who I am now affilliated with, both as a healing arts colleague and also in my disguise as a computer 'tech guy,' webdesigner and web hosting provider

Amazon Awareness

Homeopathy & CranioSacral work are wholistic ways to regain freedom from pain and other limitations.

Chronic pain; emotional and/or physical ill-health deemed "untreatable" by conventional medicine are naturally addressed, including such complex illness as CFS, Hep-C, HIV+, Fibromyalgia, to name but a few.

My greatest goal and pleasure in healing work is to empower you to optimal health & well-being. I am honored to assist you in searching for the key to unlock your innate healing abilities.

If you are fed up with snap-diagnosis; with a treadmill of contradictory medications and side-effects, you will be pleased by the individualized attention to you as a whole-person, and the gentle though often nearly miraculous shifts in health & vitality which may be evoked thru wholistic "classical" Homeopathy, and/or CranioSacral work, depending on your needs.

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challenges you are faced with

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